Shyam Shah
Coldwell Banker Realty

Here's what you should EXPECT


It is critically important that you have accurate information on the local market regarding inventory and options in your price range.  I will also provide information on making offers, processes, forms, contingencies, inspections, financing, closing costs, local customs, insurance challenges, the local terrain such as flood zones, etc.



My goal is to ensure you are as informed as possible.  Throughout the process and even after, I will always be available to answer any questions or provide information.  Here are just a few examples of what you can ask.

  • What do you think about this property?
  • What do you think about the price?
  • Is it a good investment?
  • How much are the HOA dues?
  • What are the HOA rules regarding XYZ?
  • Does the building allow pets?
  • Ask me anything...



Your schedule is now my schedule, and I will be available to ensure your priorities are my priority.  Whether you need to speak or visit properties in the evenings or weekends, I am here to make it happen.



My goal is to make sure you are making an informed decision.  This means getting you all the pertinent information you need, including rules, regulations, covenants, restrictions, budgets, assessments, pending litigation, HOA dues, building permits etc..



When it comes to determining which property to buy, what to offer and how to craft the perfect offer for each property.  Failure to plan is equivalent to planning to fail.  Together, we will define a clear strategy.



This is a critical part of my responsibility to you as a buyer.  This is detail-oriented work, and it is paramount that nothing is omitted when it comes to things like contingencies and timelines.  A carefully crafted offer is critical to establishing a clear roadmap to work from at the very beginning of the transaction.



Making sure you clearly understand the implication of every offer condition means that you will know which terms and conditions you may be comfortable with negotiating further, and which ones are firm.  Not every offer will come together, however, knowing where you can, or are willing to flex is vital to a successful negotiation.



Once all offer terms have been worked out, I will ensure that all offer documents and relevant addendums are finalized, and accurately reflect the transaction.  



With so many parties involved in a real estate transaction, my responsibility is to ensure everyone in the transaction is doing their job and handling their respective responsibilities.  This includes making sure escrow deposits are provided in a timely manner, inspections are scheduled, lender requirements are being met, appraisal is paid for and scheduled, insurance quotes are received during the contingency period and insurance is secured in a timely manner.  All of the above and more must happen within contract timeframes, and I will work to make this as seamless as possible.



I will provide recommendations for several inspection companies and be present during all inspections.  The initial, general inspection may generate a need for additional, more specific inspections, all of which would need to be handled withing the allotted contractual timeframe.  Since contractors and specialists are not always immediately available, my job is to offer you a variety of options to ensure we can meet our contract deadlines, or if needed request for an extension.



Having gone through numerous inspections, I am very familiar with how to evaluate and read through an inspection report.  My goal is to help you make sense of it all.  Oftentimes issues may look alarming, however I will be there to help you answer some key questions:

  • How much will things cost to repair?
  • Which issues are critical versus which ones can wait?
  • How about hidden damage?
  • What should I ask for from the seller?
  • Should we ask for repairs to be made, a price reduction, credit towards closing costs, or a combination of the above?



While this step of the process is somewhat out of our control, my responsibility is to make sure that the appraisal is turned around in a timely manner to comply with financing and appraisal contingency timelines.  Once the appraisal report is released, and if a valuation or condition issue needs to be addressed, my job is to dive in and determine what is needed to help resolve any issues as quickly as possible.



Depending on where you are buying, either the seller or the buyer will select these vendors.  In Miami-Dade and Broward, it is customary for the buyer to select the title company.  I would provide several options for companies that can provide this service and help you vet and verify the best provider for the transaction.  I will also be the liaison between the vendor and ensure they have all relevant contract documentation and are updated on any changes to the transaction as things progress (i.e., price changes, credits etc..).  Prior to closing, I will request a draft copy of the settlement statement and review it with you and the lender to ensure you are aware of closing expenses, and to allow for any corrections in case of discrepancies.



The purpose of the walkthrough is to make sure that your new home is delivered to you in the same condition as when you made the offer, but also clear of garbage and unwanted items.  Sometimes, this is not the case, and my job is to make sure that the home is handed over in the condition you expected.



I will ensure that all keys, access cards, fobs, remotes, and codes, as well as any other specific information about the property is provided to you.  If anything popped up during the walkthrough, I will work to ensure these are addressed before you sign any final documents.



Just because the transaction is closed, doesn’t mean that I am no longer available to support.  Despite having conducted a detailed home inspection, things do and will pop up.  This is one of the reasons I offer my clients a 1-year home warranty, to help alleviate some of these issues and allow you to enjoy your home.  If you need a reference for a trusted vendor for a project, or even some general advice, I am always available and look forward to staying in touch.